Spin Tools IDE

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The Spin Tools IDE is a development environment for the Parallax Propeller 1 and 2 multicore microcontrollers.


  • Source code editor with syntax highlight
  • Code outline and navigation
  • Code assist with linked object inspection
  • Realtime compile
  • TTY or Parallax terminal
  • P2 debug support (partial)
  • Includes a set of libraries and examples ready to use
  • Multiplatform, available for Linux, Windows and MacOS


The installation doesn’t require a specific installation procedure, just download and unpack the package for your operating system. It will create a folder named spin-tools and inside it you can find the spinide (or spinide.exe) executable file ready to be launched from the command line or a dedicated icon on your desktop.

  • Linux
    To create a desktop icon, open a terminal / command line window, change to the spin-tools directory and type ./install.sh
  • Windows
    To create a desktop icon, open the file explorer, enter the spin-tools folder, right-click on the spinide.exe executable and select send to desktop from the pop-up menu.


Requires the Java SE 17 or later runtime already installed.

Linux (x86_64) spin-tools-linux-0.32.0.tar.gz (11,69 MB)
Windows (x86_64) spin-tools-windows-0.32.0.zip (12,20 MB)
MacOS (x86_64) spin-tools-macosx-0.32.0.tar.gz (11,76 MB)

Includes the Java runtime.

Linux (x86_64) spin-tools-linux-0.32.0-jre.tar.gz (41,18 MB)
Windows (x86_64) spin-tools-windows-0.32.0-jre.zip (38,64 MB)
MacOS (x86_64) spin-tools-macosx-0.32.0-jre.tar.gz (39,84 MB)

Note: Support for this program is provided through the Parallax Forums.