These are some of the projects we have developed.

Game Tools


Open source development environment for video games based on the Parallax Propeller microcontroller, made specifically for the P8X Game System console. Written in Java / SWT to be used on different operating systems, it features a C-code editor with syntax highlighting and graphical editors for tiles, sprites and game screens, as well as an integrated build sistem base on the Propeller’s variant of the GCC toolchain.

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Parallax Propeller Board

One of our earliest hardware projects, the Propeller Board is our version of a development and prototyping board for the Parallax Propeller microcontrollers. It uses a Microchip PIC microcontroller as the USB-Serial interface used to program the Propeller and comunicate with the programs. It can be powered via either USB or an external dedicated power source, is equipped with an EEPROM to store the microcontroller’s programs and data and a 2×20 pins connector exposing all 32 I/O pins plus the power and control lines.

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PropGE is an open source collection of libraries and tools dedicated to the design and development of retro-style videogames with the Parallax Propeller microcontroller.

The engine provides video output at 256×192 (or 256×256) pixels resolution, 8×8 pixels tiles and 16×16 pixels sprites with 16 (out of 64) colors palettes. The Game Tools multiplatform application allows to draw graphics, write code and upload the program directly to a Propeller board.

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Based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, it is an open source application focused to the building of an online stock trading system, featuring shares pricing watch, intraday and history charts with technical analysis indicators, level II/market depth view, news watching, and integrated trading.

The standard Eclipse plug-ins architecture allows third-party vendors to extend the functionality of the program to include custom indicators, views or access to subscription-based data feeds and order entry.

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The service from Interwideo allows the transmission of large fax volumes of promotions, circulars, price lists, trade shows, conferences, newsletters, and last-minute.

We realized the back-end service that manages the documents printing and faxing, users accounting and web access to the restricted areas for users and system administrators, designing and developing a web application using Java/JSP technology running on Apache Tomcat and PostgreSQL.