Since 1997 we design and develop from the ground up personalized software solutions for small to medium-sized companies and professionals.

We use the most effective AGILE development methodologies, Test Driven Programming and Continuous Integration, to deliver products built around the needs of our customers on time and cost-effectively.

Our skills include Java, C/C++ and PHP programming languages, Eclipse Rich Client Platform framework, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Apache Derby relational database engines, Apache Tomcat web application engine.

Desktop Applications

Desktop App

Design and development of single- and multi-user desktop applications for Windows and Linux operating systems. We are specialized in development of Eclipse Rich Client Platform and SWT applications.

Web Applications

Web App

Design and development of web-enabled applications for company’s intranet running on popular web application frameworks.



AGILE Development, Bug Tracking, Source Code Control, Continuous Integration. Over the years we have gained experience on the most effective development strategies and we can help your organization.