P8X180 Motherboard


Attention: Preliminary information subject to change without notice.

The motherboard of the P8X180 system includes the Zilog Z180 microprocessor, 512k flash ROM, 512k RAM and all the peripherals necessary for the operation of the computer:

  • VGA
  • Stereo audio output
  • USB and PS/2 keyboard connectors
  • SD card slot

There are also some additional peripherals such as a serial port complete with all signals necessary to drive a modem, a second simple serial port without control signals, a real time clock with backup battery, an I2C bus and two SPI buses for control of sensors or other compatible devices.

Four slots to expand the system are completing the board.


These are the objectives that the project proposes to achieve (subject to changes).

  • Video
    Text mode 80×25 or 80×30 characters with ANSI / VT100 emulation.
    Graphic mode 320×240 pixels with 4 colors.
    TMS9918 emulation.
    Possible PAL/NTSC mode with RGB output.
  • Audio
    AY-3-8910 emulation.
    SN76489 emulation.
    SID/MOS8580 emulation.
    Possibility of selecting the emulation for left and right channels.
  • Other peripherals
    USB or PS/2 keyboard with both ports active at the same time.
    SD card storage.
    Floating point math co-processor.
    Serial port with all control signals.
    Real time clock.
    I2C bus.
    SPI bus.
  • Software
    Possible proprietary operating system.